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Multiply the Power of Your Donation!

Our Matching Gifts program is a smart way to maximize your employee contribution. In fact, you can double, and sometimes triple, your donation. Through this match, your company can help make significant strides in securing sustainability for our education and empowerment programs.

Durga Tree welcomes corporate partners to share in our mission of turning survivors into THRIVERS!

Here are the benefits to employee and corporate donors:

You increase employee levels of social responsibility
You help achieve corporate philanthropic goals
You make a tremendous impact on the survivors that we service, their families, and communities.

When making a matching gift, please be sure to do the following:

  • Check with your company’s Human Resources Department to confirm whether or not employee donations are matched. If so, request a copy of your employer’s matching gifts form.

  • Complete the form following your company’s guidelines. Be sure to include the gift date, your name and address, and the gift amount, as well as Durga Tree International. Mail a check directly to:

Durga Tree International
35A Wilson Drive
Sparta, NJ 07871

Please make checks payable to Durga Tree International

  • If you prefer, you can scan your company’s form and email it to:

  • If your company allows you to make your donation electronically, do so today by clicking HERE, filling in the matching company’s information to let us know who to be in contact with.

We will verify your donation and return the form to your company, which will then issue a matching gift contribution to Durga Tree International