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FAQs Get Started Fundraising Tips Resource Page


What is “Do-It-Yourself Fundraising”?  

Help raise funds to combat modern day slavery, through hosting your own fundraising campaign or event!

We believe everyday moments can be turned into fundraising opportunities. We understand that you care about giving back to our cause in a way that’s meaningful to you. We care about giving you the ability to do just that!

Fundraising should be fun, not overwhelming.

How do I begin?

  • Create a personalized fundraising page in minutes. Just register here OR by clicking on the “Become a Fundraiser” button and join us!
  • AFTER you create your user name and password, you can log in and manage your own personal page. ( Printable How To ) Set your goal. Share your personal fundraising story. What draws you to our cause?
  • Raise awareness on the issue of Human Trafficking and the millions currently enslaved around the world.
  • Fundraise in a fun and engaging way.

How can my sponsors submit payment?

Online contributions can be made by credit card on your personal fundraising page. You can share the link directly with friends and family, or tell them to select your name from the list of fundraisers.  Each donor has the option of making a recurring payment, as well as marking their donation “anonymous” (please note, contact info still required on the back end, but it will not be displayed publicly on the site).

Cash or check donations can be mailed to us at 35a Wilson Drive, Sparta NJ, tagged with your name/campaign name, and we will update the amounts for you. For a single donation, please print out this form to mail with the payment. To collect multiple donations at one time (similar to a cookie order sheet), try using this form.

Does this cost anything?

Your personal “DIY Fundraising” page is free. All credit card donations are sent directly and securely to Durga Tree International’s account.

Is this site secure?

Yes, 100%. Keeping your information safe from identity theft and internet fraud is one of our top priorities. The entire site is monitored, checked and tested every few days.

Will I or my donors get SPAM?

We never sell or share email addresses with other companies. Ever. Contact information necessary is for tax exemption purposes.


If you have further questions, please contact us at info@DurgaTreeInternational.org