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As a project driven non-profit organization, it is our mission to keep our partners around the world sustainable so that they can continue doing their valuable work in the global effort to end modern slavery. Durga Tree considers each one our affiliates as a vital component of what makes up the family that falls under the Durga tree.
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Preemptive Love Coalition – March 2017 Update 
Durga Tree has helped fund 1,204,145 meals to people in Aleppo, provided aid to 97,000 people in Mosul, enabled staff to spend 400 hours mentoring new business owners, and 4 heart surgery missions for children that brought lifesaving aid this year.
“I am astounded every day by the way your generosity is showing up in places that too often are forgotten by the world. 
It is a privilege to be on the front lines with you, helping children, women, and men in Syria and Iraq meet their most urgent needs as they flee violence and extremism. Your love has also helped liberated families begin to rebuild. You’re providing the resources they need to start new businesses so they can support themselves and contribute to their communities. Your commitment helped us launch a massive water project in Mosul, which will allow us to get safe, clean water to up to 1.6 million people in the coming weeks. 
Together, we are showing up for the most vulnerable. “

Education and Hope – March 2017

Durga Tree was able to fund five days of nutritious lunches for 125 people, 625 meals!

“In order to thrive in school, children need to be healthy and well-nourished. The balanced lunch that we serve to our students is often the best meal they eat all day. These hot, nutritious are followed by a second smaller meal at the end of the day to ensure that child returns home with a full belly.” – Education and Hope 

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Throughout the year, Durga Tree has supported the relief efforts in Nepal after the earthquake hit in April 2015 and again in May 2015 with the help of our partner, Made By Survivors. The country has suffered severe damage and many lost loved ones. This update came to us in December 2015 on the progress they have made thus far on the ground.

“I feel so grateful that with your help and the help of others from our community, we have been able to provide $6000 of support, enabling our partner agency to offer an emergency health clinic in affected villages for one month, and also supporting the resconstruction of their own damaged school buildings.”

“We are committed to continuing to support reconstruction and trafficking prevention efforts in Nepal, since child trafficking is always a high risk following natural disasters such as this.  Thank you for your help!!”

~Sarah Symons 


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$7,500 donated to Asociación La Alianza, a safe house for girls aged 12-18 who are victims of sexual exploitation and trafficking. The generous fund were used to achieve the following results:

  • 1 Psychologist (6 months): This funded position led to 295 individual therapy sessions (avg. 4 sessions/girl) and 22 group therapy sessions. These sessions helped attain better emotional health for 68 young girls and adolescents, indicated by a decrease in their symptoms of depression and post-traumatic stress, and an ability to verbalize their abuse.
  • 4 Punching Bags & Accompanying Gloves: The punching bags and gloves purchased with the funds were a tool to calm sadness and vent anger. The youth could channel these emotions into the bag rather than themselves or their peers. 

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$10,000 donated to Made By Survivor, an organization that provides jobs, education and shelter to survivors of slavery, child marriage, and other human rights abuses in areas where human trafficking is a huge problem. They train survivors and create jobs in highly respected professions, with high wages that develop business and entrepreneurial skills.  The funds were put towards supporting the following projects:

  • 3 girls at the new shelter in Jalpaiguri were able to join the organization’s jewelry making program and are now receiving their training ($3000)
  • 10 children were added into our school sponsorship program (5 in Nepal, 5 in India – $3,600)
  • Plumbing and electrical were added to the new shelter (total cost – $5000, Durga contribution – $2000)
  • Master training was offered to jewelers in Calcutta by Felicity Denby of the London College of Jewellery.  The 6 week training concluded with a certificate day in which each jeweler received a credential from LCJ for completion of this training (receiving credentials is really good for the girls’ future and confidence.  Durga contribution – $1400)


Throughout the year, Durga Tree has sponsored the insurance costs for various 4 Freedom Drivers Project events through Truckers Against Trafficking, such as the Georgia coalition build and when FDP parked in front of state capitol.

“The thought of someone having to wear a dog tag (with bed number) around their neck (and being identified for purchase by it) is horrible. The FDP is an excellent educational tool, I like how it encompasses both the reality of HT as well as what you can do to stop it.”
Lauren Kane
Director of Communications
Georgia Department of Law, Attorney General’s Office


Durga Tree International is assisting in the funding of Love146‘s United States based educational/training program, introducing people to the concept of human trafficking and how to recofgnize the signs.


“The concepts taught in this training were very necessary for the continued facilitation of this curriculum.  I feel absolutely ready to teach this to youth.  The book is easy to follow and very easy to read.”

“Because of your lesson I had the courage to talk to someone in my class a couple of times to make sure she was okay. Although, based on what you taught us, I am on the healthy side, I knew she wasn’t. We are opposites. But I am glad we talked. She felt that I helped her lower her stress. Thank you for helping me see that even though we are different, I could care for her.” 
“Very informative, I learned so much! I’ve encountered people who have gone through these situations. Now I know how to help.”
“I’ve heard of human trafficking but never fully understood until now.”

Durga Tree’s efforts have supported the ongoing creation of the Good Shepherd Academy in Cameroon, West Africa, a co-ed residential secondary/high school for 350 students in an area where young people are being kidnapped and sold on the black market.
“The Walk With Ambe, which raised almost $40,000 for our foundation, enabled us to know that a security fence will be built around the residential secondary school compound we are building in Cameroon, West Africa. Cameroonian children too often leave home for school and never return due to being kidnapped for purposes of human trafficking. Cameroonian children live right next door to Nigeria where Boko Haram kidnapped innocent girls in April of 2014, enslaving them to this day. Cameroonian children live with the reality of rape and kidnap lurking around the corner as they walk the 10 miles to and from school. The security fence your funds will purchase will literally mean the difference between freedom and slavery, life and death, hope and a life of indescribable despair.
Your much appreciated donation of $2,500 from your November Masquerade Ball will pay for a bathroom at Good Shepherd Academy. What does that mean? It will mean running water. Imagine that! Indoor plumbing. Imagine that! Many African children have never had such a luxury. Water is life. Water that they do not have to walk to a stream several miles away and carry home in a bucket on their head. Water that is clean, free of bacteria and disease. Water they can drink right out of the faucet. Imagine that!
Thank you our dear friends and partners in the work to which we are all called. We look forward to continuing this journey together.
         Warm Regards,”
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