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Why Durga Tree’s Bloom ProgramTM? Because by enhancing the lives of others, we ensure the improvement of our own.

The mission of the Durga Tree Bloom ProgramTM is to enrich the services being offered by community groups working on rescuing and sheltering victims of abuse & trafficking, to form a more complete treatment. Our challenge is to ensure each survivor’s ability to evolve into an overall thriver, with the desired long-term outcome of being “slave proof”, remaining outside the slavery cycle. This is a whole-person model of collaborative psycho-social care for women survivors of abuse, forced labor, or sexual exploitation. Durga Tree and its partners will enroll these women into the program as members of a Self Help Group (SHG) and offer them whole-person therapies, life skills, and economic empowerment. We are partnering with local affiliates that, with our support, will be organizationally and financially capable of conducting the bulk of the whole-person care. In this way, the program will be less about simple recovery and more of a sanctuary experience for the participants, giving them the support they need to transform from survivor to THRIVER. Each location chosen as a branch of the Durga Tree Bloom ProgramTM will become a self-sustaining entity that will produce merchandise specific to the region, used to educate consumers regarding their role in these women’s lives by differentiating between slave made and fair trade goods. This education process will create a trans-global bridge between consumer and producer, thereby enhancing the concept of a global community. Durga Tree International’s current implementing partners are Birth Haven (US), Oasis (US), Made by Survivors (Asia), and La Alianza (Latin America), all organizations that already include some form of a women’s empowerment program.

Slavery is not a piece of our history, but a modern epidemic, with more people enslaved worldwide than ever before.

Modern Slavery is the second most profitable black market business in the world with an estimated annual revenue of $150 billion dollars. There are more than 30 million reported slaves globally, 26% being children under the age of 18.

Wait. There’s more: Even with awareness on the rise, these staggering statistics are not decreasing, but growing exponentially, and it is the most vulnerable that are at the highest risk of being trafficked. In fact, even those “rescued” from exploitation have a high probability of revictimization. Combined with low self-esteem, lack of education, cases of posttraumatic stress disorder, trust issues, and other coexisting physical and psychological problems, this population becomes an easily renewable resource in a highly lucrative black market.

While financially resourcing a variety of programs through partner organizations related to the care and healing of victims of abuse & exploitation, Durga Tree saw the potential, not only for survivors to fall through a gap in care, but for the system to ignore a population of victims who are at the highest risk for being trafficked. While those targeted can span all demographics, there are some specific circumstances or vulnerabilities that lead to a higher susceptibility to victimization. Runaway and homeless youth, marginalized minorities, as well as victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, war/conflict, or social discrimination are frequently targeted by traffickers.

After careful research, multiple discussions with shelter directors, and our own experience in the field, Durga Tree International realizes there are few opportunities for these young survivors once they walk out the shelter doors. Due to economic desperation, they could be forced to go back onto the streets and faced with the same harsh situations, unfortunately, taking their children along with them. Hence, the cycle of slavery continues to grow, generation by generation.

Your involvement is critical. Give now to the Durga Tree Bloom ProgramTM

We estimate that the total cost to initially launch this critical project will be $500,000. Components cover initial facility renovation, equipment, staff stipends, training, and material translation (as needed)-

  •  Bloom Asia – $115,500
  •  Bloom Latin America – $106,500
  •  Bloom US – $120,000
  •  Endowed Chair for Program Director – $62,000 (w/tax)
  •  Endowed Chair for On-site/US based Manager – $61,000 (w/tax)
  •  Marketing – $15,000
  •  Fundraising/Promotion Costs- $20,000

Deferred gifts and bequests – Donors may make provisions through their wills, trusts, life insurance or retirement plans to name Durga Tree International as the beneficiary of a future gift.

Asset based giving – Gifts of stock or appreciated securities enable donors to help Durga Tree International, while receiving an income tax deduction. Stock gifts may also help you avoid paying capital gains or estate tax.

All donors giving $10,000 or more by the dates below for each location will be honored as Founders, commemorated an inscribed plaque on site and in all program documentation.

  •  February 15, 2017 for Bloom Asia
  •  March 15, 2017 for Bloom Latin America
  •  June 15, 2017 for Bloom US

Gifts of any amount are urgently needed because every gift is a statement of your commitment to freedom for all, now and into the future.

You are building something with value and sustainability for these survivors, a place of their own to bloom and thrive.

Each branch of the Durga Tree Bloom ProgramTM:
Serves as-

  •  a long-term strategy to provide the skill and capacity building of women to secure them against global meltdowns and equip them to seek out employment opportunities in the era of globalization.
  •  a place where all survivors can get the guidance and education they need to live a longer, healthier life, rising above the trauma of what has occurred to them.
  •  a welcoming, supportive place for individual & group counseling and holistic whole-person care.


  •  innovative counseling and discussion groups
  •  holistic health classes
  •  therapeutic & personal development workshops
  •  training in conflict resolution, as well as economics, empowerment, and life skills
  •  case management to help survivors with financial matters, as well as securing entitlements such as housing and future employment

In addition to meeting their basic needs and psycho-social needs, the Durga Tree Bloom ProgramTM offers a proven economic empowerment component that will benefit the chosen partner organization, offering them additional funding for specific onsite programs and care.

A short history of Durga Tree International and what they have accomplished.

Durga Tree International was founded in 2013 by a successful entrepreneur, an author & life coach, and a veteran educator, who all knew how important it was to spread awareness about the global epidemic that is modern slavery. Their combined experience with business, education, and empowerment have developed into a unique organization that has blazed a path in the abolitionist movement, based on the philosophy that we must collaborate to eradicate.

Durga Tree works throughout the US and abroad, partnering with other grassroots organizations that have a shared purpose: to improve the lives of survivors while spreading awareness in order to “slave proof” current and future generations. What do they accomplish? A lot. Durga Tree:

  •  makes grants- Durga Tree’s endowments and fundraising add strong financial support each year to the specific projects of grassroots charities working to meet the needs of survivors.
  •  pushes for awareness- Through educational events and speaking engagements, Durga Tree leaders shed light on this often ignored issue, demonstrating that it is a global problem, one everyone has a connection to.
  •  develops new solutions- Durga Tree strives to innovate, introducing promising and original ideas in order to combat an old problem in a more effective, sustainable way.
  •  builds a collaborative community- The Durga Tree family invites the many community groups working on human trafficking issues to join together, share opinions, and collaborate, creating a support system that will strengthen each members’ commitment and power.
  •  celebrates transformation of survivor to thriver- Looking beyond what has happened to them, the Durga Tree leadership believes that each survivor has the power to blossom into strong, independent individuals who will be able to become contributing members of the abolitionist community.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Does Durga Tree compete with other anti-trafficking organizations for money?

  •  Durga Tree operates with a firm philosophy of the need to collaborate to eradicate, that instead of fighting over a single dollar, organizations working toward the same goal should come together and raise more.
  •  Not enough money is being raised currently around the issue of human trafficking. Organizations who do the best work serving survivors need much more support to ensure sustainable success.
  •  The Durga Tree Bloom ProgramTM seeks endowment money, not just funds to cover operating costs. When you give to this campaign, you’re giving to a sustainable program that will support survivors in perpetuity.

I can’t afford a big gift now. Do small gifts matter?

  •  Your participation is far more important than the size of your gift. Why? Because every gift makes a statement.
  •  Even a gift of $10 a month, less than what many spend each week on coffee, can help to ensure the sustainability of the programs we are running.

Why have you chosen these area to pilot the Durga Tree Bloom ProgramTM?

  •  The need is HIGH in all areas of the world, but the statistics from these three locations are particularly concerning
    •  A new report that Asia has the highest number of people living in slavery– more than 18 million people, or 1.4% of the population. (from The Wall Street Journal)
    •  In Latin America, many of those trafficked are indigenous people attempting to make their way to a better life. A large majority of those trafficked are also very young.
    •  1 in 6 runaways will be trafficked within the US, since impoverished and uneducated teens are so vulnerable to being exploited.
  •  We have a wonderful relationship with specific partners in all three areas and feel confident that we can easily track overall effectiveness of the program is and where/how the funds are distributed.

Collaboration – We know that the only way to bring an end to such a wide spread issue is to come together as a global community, sharing resources and strength to promote success.

Empowerment – Our truth is that all individuals need to feel empowered in their lives, regardless of circumstances. Having a strong sense of self provides a person with the strength to stand against anyone who is trying to exploit the vulnerability of others.

Equity – We strive to enhance awareness around social justice, so that women and girls may have equal access to all opportunity, whether social, cultural, economic, educational or political.

Freedom – We believe that it is the basic human right of every individual to have personal freedom and choice, no matter their socio-economic status, race, gender, orientation, or religion

Growth – Our work is about transforming our world, being catalysts of positive change in the lives of survivors of abuse and exploitation. It is our goal to spread the effect of our organization in a sustainable way in order to strengthen the most vulnerable in our global community.

Integrity – We make all efforts to ensure that the data we share, whether financial or statistical, is accurate and up-to-date. We keep our communications simple, open, and sincere, striving to be a reliable source of information at all times.

Transparency – We hold ourselves to a high level of accountability, wanting to always show donors exactly how their funds are being spent. We hold ourselves and our partners responsible to always do what we say we’re going to do.

Leadership – Our goal is to lead by example, showing others that they too can have a powerful impact on our world. Through a combination of innovation and solidity, we take thoughtful and well-planned risks in order to initiate positive action.

Sustainability – We recognize the importance of stewarding endowed resources in order meet the unique needs of the abolitionist movement, now and in the future. We strive to develop sound business plans and effective programs, successfully meeting goals in perpetuity.

Respect – Our organization believes it is important to recognize and celebrate the cultural and ethnic heritage of every individual. Part of the empowerment process is to help build a sense of pride in survivors, since this can be a trait often led to their exploitation and marginalization in the first place.

“Help Turn Our Vision into the New Reality”

For specific information on this campaign, contact:

Beth Tiger,  Executive Director, at 973.461.6621 or