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IMG_6429Shawn Stinnett’s roots in Sussex County, New Jersey are deep.  She is a 34-year resident of Vernon, graduated from Vernon Township High School, and attended Sussex County Community College.  But Shawn does not simply live and work in Sussex County.  She has a long record of service with a variety of community and non-profit organizations, including nine years on the board of the Sussex County Chapter of the American Red Cross.

Shawn also has an unprecedented 31-year track record of success helping to grow local businesses as a senior marketing consultant with iHeart Media’s various stations, including WSUS-FM 102.3, 103.7 WNNJ-FM and Max 106.3 WHCY-FM, where her dedication to service continues with her clients.  Shawn’s colleagues and clients speak of her “unsurpassed passion and commitment” and “honesty, integrity and knowledge.”  One client says it best: “I have worked with Shawn for over 15 years.  She is highly ethical and always looking to provide excellent service.”

In addition to the American Red Cross, Shawn serves as board President of  KEEP Inc -. Kids Educational and Enrichment Program.   She has also volunteered time with the March of Dimes, SCARC and many other committees.

Shawn was born in Atlanta, Georgia before moving north to the ski areas of Vernon at the age of 13.  She thoroughly enjoys her life and career in Sussex County and considers the spirit of the residents and business owners of Sussex County extraordinary.  Shawn is looks forward to continuing her career of giving back to the community.