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Daniela Pedin has been on the Durga Tree International Board of Directors since its formation in 2013.  She has been an active supporter and fundraiser during that time, volunteering, bringing in major repeat sponsors for events, and hosting her own do-it-yourself fundraisers.

Daniela was trained in Italy as a hair stylist 31 years ago by renowned Moda Modi and was a teacher for them until she came to the US. She continued her training with many world-renowned masters in her field, such as Vidal Sassoon, Jean Luis David, Nick Arroyo, and the Dove. Today, she is a head stylist for Riccio Salon in Mahwah, NJ.

She is also a graduate of the Tony Robbins Company and Daniela acts as a senior leader for the Tony Robbins Team during many of his events around the country.  Her passion is to empower people to feel great about themselves and the lives they lead.

In all areas of her life, both professionally and personally, Daniela strives to help those around her heal from any form of suffering. It is this perspective, her compassionate heart, as well as her international world view, that has made Daniela a key component to DTI’s growth in the past 2 and half years.