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beth-smallBeth has been an activist since her early 20’s. Beth is passionate about every person having the basic right of freedom over their own bodies and lives and has dedicated herself full time to this mission.

Having been a Life Coach, Beth Tiger brings to her executive position a level empathy and compassion to all those she serves through her work with survivors and partner organizations. She has authored a bestselling book and has been an inspirational speaker for over 10 years. This skill set helps her to convey the vision of Durga Tree and empower donors with information needed to make educated decisions around anti-trafficking.

Beth’s work and personal life have always centered on service in some form and she has had the honor of sitting on several charitable boards in NJ whose focuses are human rights, homelessness and equality for all people. When the epidemic of Modern Slavery here in the US and abroad was brought to her and her husband’s attention, they both felt compelled to take the next step in their philanthropic lives. This resulted in the founding of Durga Tree International.