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 Our leadership: 

Beth Tiger


Beth Tiger

Beth has been an activist since her early 20’s. Beth is passionate about every person having the basic right of freedom over their own bodies and lives and has dedicated herself full time to this mission.
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Tim Tiger

Chief Financial Officer

Tim Tiger

Tim lives by the motto “To whom much is given, much is expected” and, as such, feels strongly that it is our responsibility, both in the philanthropic community and in our individual lives, to help those less fortunate.
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Jess Hoertel

Director of Educational Initiatives

Jess Hoertel

Jess has been a middle school teacher for the past 14 years, volunteering for many committees and events in order to ensure that her students receive the best education possible.
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Samantha Tiger

Finance Director

Samantha Tiger

Samantha joined us in the Summer of 2014, working with the team to help coordinate events, major mailings, social media, and pretty much anything else that gets thrown her way.
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Just Durga Tree COLOR transparentBoard of Directors:

Tim Tiger (Chair)
Beth Tiger
Jess Hoertel
Daniela Pedin




Board of Advisors:

Jennifer Schünemann
Paul Onderdonk
Maria Onderdonk
Thomas True
Erin Doheny-True
Shawn Stinnett
Eileen Collier Geraghty


Our Lotus Guild: 

The Lotus Guild is the heartbeat of Durga Tree International as it plays the important role of ensuring successful fundraising & awareness building efforts. This elite group of special individuals not only contribute their gifts, talents, and ideas to our organization but they are the volunteer leaders who coordinate, inspire and assist our other volunteers in various fundraising and advocacy projects. Each invited member plays an important part in the growth of Durga’s efforts on a local and global level.

GreenLotus ImageOur 2016 Ambassadors:

Kendra DeBree – Chair

Lisa Clifford                  Wendy Vincent

Susan Marek                     Jamie Pollock

Eileen Geraghty                 Jeryl Kronish

Yuderka Veras