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Durga Tree International’s mission is to educate and economically empower survivors of Modern Slavery. Through sound business practices, creating economic platforms and educating survivors, Durga Tree supports programs which enable survivors to become thrivers, thereby increasing their chances of remaining outside of the slavery cycle, as well as protecting their next generation.


In the spirit of collaboration, qualified partner organizations and their programs are vetted based on the Durga Tree International mission. Our organization supports their individual and collective strengths through fundraising, community outreach and education. Through our educational initiative, local US communities are educated about the many facets of Modern Slavery including their personal relationship to Human Trafficking. This forum allows us to further empower survivors by creating global demand for the fair trade goods they produce and sell by educating consumers.


  • Transparency of donation allocation
  • Proper vetting of programs and projects supported by Durga Tree International
  • Consistent updates on fund allocation and the effectiveness of projects/programs
  • Community and collaboration among our donors, partner organizations and ambassadors
  • Updated educational materials based on most current data


We believe it is the basic human right of every individual to have personal freedom, no matter their socio-economic status, race, gender, or religion. As a project driven NGO, our core value is to create sustainable long-term programming. Only through collaboration and unity will we, together, end human slavery in the 21st century.


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