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Our annual immersion trips are planned to give volunteers a first hand experience with survivors of trafficking, working directly at shelters populated by rescued girls. This year’s group will be helping to strengthen the work being done by the Latin American branch of our Bloom ProgramTM, an initiative to educate and empower these young women and turn them from survivors to THRIVERS. Fundraising done by the attendees will be used to supplement and sustain the program.

Attendees will use their time in the area to complete much-needed service projects around the facility, so they can truly be “Love in Action”. They will also get to interact with the survivors and their families, and talk with the staff that deals with the day to day challenges.

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For those interested in attending:

The group will close at 14 attendees and the trip will run from Friday, April 6th to Monday, April 9th, which includes travel days. Costs will cover all meals, shuttles, and double occupancy accommodations*, as well as a donation of supplies and funds to continue to support the Bloom ProgramTM  at our Latin American affiliate.

Attendees are responsible for their own airfare, though we will make sure to share all travel arrangements for the team so attendees can try to travel together when possible.

The cost per person will be $1495, with a nonrefundable deposit of $350 due upon registration to confirm your spot. There is also an opportunity for adding to the trip package, with two nights in Antigua following the Immersion, at a cost of $485 per person.

After reserving your position on the trip, at least half of the remainder, $572.50, will be due by January 15th, 2018**.  The final payment will be arranged at some point before the group departs.

In order to strengthen the Guatemalan Bloom ProgramTM, attendees must fundraise at least $1,500 on top of event costs***. In order to help with this, we are providing you with your own personal fundraising page, which can be shared via social media and email. You must be registered to attend before you can begin fundraising.

Attendee fundraising pages can be viewed here.

We are also challenging every attendee to collect a duffle bag of donations to bring with them, in addition to their luggage (more info here). Once you are registered, you will be contacted with more specific, additional information.


*If you would like to book a single room, there is an additional fee of $275 per person.

**If you make any additional payments beyond the deposit and have to cancel after January 15th, all efforts will be made to fill your spot. In that event, and at your request, we will refund anything on top of the $350 deposit.

***If the $1,500 goal is not met or the registrant does not attend the trip for any other reason, donated funds are not refundable, and will instead be directed towards the Bloom ProgramTM as planned.


If you have any questions about registering and/or donating, please contact us at

We sincerely thank you for your support.

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Quotes from

Alaina (college student) – “Five days ago I got onto a plane with hopes of traveling to Guatemala to help make a difference in the lives of young girls that were survivors of human trafficking. In that moment I never could have known the impact that these beautiful little girls would have on MY life… I felt at home, I felt love, I felt joy, and then I felt overwhelming grief… But, as this reality turned my stomach with despair, my heart filled equally with hope. I had hope because I knew that the walls of that shelter served as barriers from the evil people that harmed them. I had hope because I saw the love and support that the amazing staff gave to them. But mostly, I had hope because I saw the tremendous resilience in the beautiful children playing around me…

Eileen (mother of four) – It is a privilege to be engulfed by love during this service immersion. It is beyond belief the suffering these children have endured create such beauty in this sanctuary, their home. Their joy is infectious. They laugh, they giggle, they sing as they get equal amounts of paint on themselves. And they reach out to us for love. They are no different from each of us in what we can achieve, and sadly sometimes endure, with love. My heart has truly grown in knowing them. I came here hoping to act in service, but they have taught me the meaning of ‪#‎loveinaction‬ And I am forever changed… My experience in Guatemala is humbling. 

Harrison (high school student) – The first thing that shocked me was the second thing I noticed. The first thing I noticed was the joy. The laughter, the singing, the playing. The second thing I noticed was what had happened to them and why they were here and why I was here. You would never know it unless you spent time with these amazing young girls. You notice the physical scars before the emotional ones… These girls have put their terrible past behind them and have hope. In their situation I could not say that I would be the same. It is only with immense strength and community that this seemingly impossible feat is even attempted. The transformation from a victim of modern slavery to a girl who dreams of getting an education is something to admire…

Jess (DTI founder) – Worked with the girls today and I am always in awe of their resilience and strength. They have been through so much and yet still find the joy and love in a moment of creativity… So tired, physically and emotionally, but day two is done- my heart breaks because of their stories but is healed and swells because of their love. I had a special soul tell me I reminded her of her mother, that she hoped I would bring a piece of her home with me because she would always remember and love me. My tears fell as my smile bloomedThis is my third immersion trip here and I already cannot wait to come back next year!

Samantha (high school student)- These girls have been oppressed and violated over and over again, sold and taught that their body and worth was equal to nothing. Yet these young girls and women I have encountered here have amazed me with every act they do and emotion they show… (At all ages) they have come to a place where this hope can be found again, and they are safe to not only dream but pursue these dreams and passions that seem so far away and unrealistic to them… The amount of talent and passion these girls have for their art, home, and work is unimaginable… They all have an immense amount of strength and courage, and have overcome or are on their journey to overcoming the emotional and physical state they were in for so long…